The Evolution of the Needlepoint piece…some more steps…

This stage in my process depended on my locating the stencil that was used as the background of the WC flower I picked. As I remembered, it was an experiment involving putting watercolor through a stencil – no mean trick.

So, that in hand I wanted to experiment with various acrylic paints, in colors that seem to work. The paint could not be juicy, as it might clog the holes in the canvas and/or cause it to warp. A light touch all around did the trick.

Then on to the piece – here and there in three spots per color. And, remembering that a good bit will probably, even when stitched, be covered up by suceeding layers.



The evolution of the Needlepoint piece…

Here I am working at picking out the focal area for the piece. I have a tendency to off set focals, but here I decided to center it (note the first overlay of tracing paper).

Then, I moved on to quick sketching the piece on newsprint. I only placed a very few lines to set in the leaves, the basic swirls and flower tendrils. Am leaving the weight – most of the leaves – at the bottom of the piece.

At this point, I left it to have a think.


New Plunge into Original Needlepoint Piece – June 2018

Here are some pix of the piece that’s somewhat in my head. A piece of canvas from my stash, a frame that tickles me and a practice piece of my watercolor.

Finding a piece that worked within the frame, left me room to indulge myself, and are colors that spoke to me…

Then, getting the canvas ready… running stitches to mark the edges, especially the area for the WC to go.

At this point I haven’t decided if the WC will be under the stitched matt…or raised on top. And, the two leaves and bud… stitched or cut out and applied over stitchery. So, am not thinking about that now.


Original, Expressive Needlepoint…Things Past…

These three pieces – dated 2009, 2011 and 2014 – felt like the culmination of forty years of stitchery. In 2014, I made the decision to put it aside in favor of learning and doing mixed media art. I have not regretted that decision. But, at this point in my art life, I feel that I’d like to plunge in again – this time combining an art piece and stitchery.

Last Saturday I began the process…let the good times roll…in both art and stitchery…sleep optional. Smiles.