Watercolor Calls Me….

It has been awhile…junk journaling can become all encompassing. A good thing?

So…what to do…how about trying to merge all of these worlds?

If I relax with some WC florals, and add pen doodling that would do it. And, if I scan my creation, I can use in in JJs – or, as a digi on Etsy.

So, here are the three layers. If you would like to see them, find them on YT under CarolMartineArt… and find them on my Watercolor Wonder playlist.



Finally Starting to See the Cover…

Friday happy dance, I can now see the cover of my Pick-Up JJ. My muse is back from vacation, so I have some help, finally. It has been an arid few weeks waiting for muse-girl’s input. I can see the start…Yea!!!!I will be sharing as always on my YT channel.Smiles,Carol

My Art into a Digital…for Etsy

I have finally discovered scanning…and the process for turning scanned pieces into digis for my Etsy shop (www.etsy.com/shop/carolmartineart). The process of water marking almost brought me to my knees – solved the many steps by writing them down a la Watermarking for Idiots. Yea! It works…another thing to grab if the house is on fire.

I picked my background from my stash, gathered some papers, acrylic paints, stencils, and stamps…and let the good times roll.

Find a tutorial on my YT channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/carolmartineart

This is the photo that made the scanner.


Back…and So happy to be

Since I have sooo much to catch up, I have decided to start with my latest arting projects and work backwards.

Hope you will understand that life and good intentions sometimes collide.

I recently bought this Naked Junk Journal from Collective Chickadee on Etsy. They were introduced by Gayle Agostinelli on You Tube. It is very well made.

My goal is to make it my own. To that end, you will find my process on this You Tube video:

http://www.youtube.com/c/carolmartineart – titled…Naked Junk Journal – Making My Own (1)

The second installment (2) will be on YT tomor

row morning, 6/18/2019.