My New Junk Journal World…Getting into my comfort zone by working without a camera…

Having decided to take the plunge into junk journals, I was faced with starting fresh in an area…and opening a huge learning curve for myself. Seeing the work of other artists and the journals they produced made me finally join in the fun. Oops! I have to start from scratch and figure out what it’s all about.

So…said I to myself, “Self, forget the video sharing and do some spreads alone in your studio…get the feel of the junk in junk journaling.

Here are some pix of what came to me…Carol needs to learn more about the meaning of junk, and then follow my own path. Because, this is sooo much fun.

Tomorrow I will be sharing a video showing the spreads and some a..ha moments.



Catching Up…with my TNs & Adding Collage Embellishments

These small travelers notebooks have been making puppy noises to get me to give them some love.

So, to celebrate getting to 1800 subscribers, I gave them attention.

Caught up to date in my planner, and added collage bits to pages according to my whim. Now, they have the beginnings of collage stories. I’m especially in love with my new vinyl covered junk journal from @Shannon Green. She has put vinyl pockets in both covers and lots of delicious papers.

Feeling accomplished,


Progress Notes on New Needlepoint…

Have let my fingers do the walking thru my stash, and pulled some possible fibers, silk ribbons and beads/sequines. This process seems to help me compose while I’m stitching.

My piece to date. Seems to be slow going as I share my time with my You Tube arting.


My Weekend Seminar on Painting Negative Shapes/Spaces

A wonderful, learning filled weekend back with my watercolor teacher Jennie Szaltis here in Jacksonville. The five of us were emersed in learning…and I think I might understand now. Lots of practice here I come.

The final layer is not about the flowers, but the spaces between.

Learning in such a happy place, with lovely people, seeing Jennie again…such good karma.


The Needlepoint Evolution…closing in on the end of the background layer…

I needed to take stock of the piece thusfar, so I added the WC pieces to make it more real. Thankfully the stenciled bits are done. I used three strands of floss, in two shades of green, a blue, a mauve and some gold…all done with a laying tool.

The first leaf, done over white felt, is satin stitched with a laying tool…using a varigated floss.

Then, the first large leaf, done in silk ribbon.

Going for the fun part now.


Evolution of the Needlepoint continues…

Old fashioned methods still do the trick for me. I’ll take a sunny window anytime.

The background layer is ready to go. This will be the only part of this piece that will see me following a preset image, ie. the stenciled bits.

Am going to start with the flower stem and one leaf…it’s been a while since I have stitched. Will it be like riding a bike?

First, the greens drawer. And even before that, get some order as had put fibers in plastic bags due to repurposing for art supplies. But my trove is back home now.

After having a good think, I decided to jump off the deep end. Used white felt to pad the stem and leaves…love dimensions in my stitchery.


The Evolution of the Needlepoint piece…some more steps…

This stage in my process depended on my locating the stencil that was used as the background of the WC flower I picked. As I remembered, it was an experiment involving putting watercolor through a stencil – no mean trick.

So, that in hand I wanted to experiment with various acrylic paints, in colors that seem to work. The paint could not be juicy, as it might clog the holes in the canvas and/or cause it to warp. A light touch all around did the trick.

Then on to the piece – here and there in three spots per color. And, remembering that a good bit will probably, even when stitched, be covered up by suceeding layers.


The evolution of the Needlepoint piece…

Here I am working at picking out the focal area for the piece. I have a tendency to off set focals, but here I decided to center it (note the first overlay of tracing paper).

Then, I moved on to quick sketching the piece on newsprint. I only placed a very few lines to set in the leaves, the basic swirls and flower tendrils. Am leaving the weight – most of the leaves – at the bottom of the piece.

At this point, I left it to have a think.