A Christmas Junk Journal Comes to Chez Martine…

Sooo much fun doing something sooo new to me. But, its on the table in the family room, and have begun to journal in it….Yea..



Christmas Junk Journals…Let the Fun Begin

Firsts are always filled with joy, and just a little bit of worry. Beginning my first ever Christmas Junk Journal has plenty of both.

To make getting my feet wet a little easier, I bought a golden book journal this year. Since it has two signatures, I’m planning on working on the first this year.

The process can be seen on my YT channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/carolmartineart.

Let the fun begin.


A New JJ…Beginning my Swap Journal today…the first few steps…

I’m starting on the inside of this journal, as am still in a quandry about the cover. But after holding the beginning bits in my hand, the cover is beginning to come into focus.

The only part of this jj that I had in mind was the neutral color scheme. Then the wallow about in my papers, trims, etc.. Prepping before the video, listening to some lite classic music – need I say heaven for me…Smiles.



Fall Inclusions…

This is one of my favorite ‘jj doings’ that gives me so much joy. 2018 is now a banner year for me, as I have found making junk journals to be so liberating…just plain fun arting time…while concentrating on that word junk…and allowing myself to play.

The Fall signature of my Autumn journal is now complete. Next up, a Christmas fling.

Find all the tutorials in the My New Junk Journal World playlist on YT. http://www.youtube.com/c/carolmartineart


New Decorations…in the Works

These embellishments will be coming to my New Junk Journal World this weekend. Having art fun learning by doing.

While leaf-peeping in Asheville, NC this week I’m going to be hunting for fodder for my new journal love.

Stay tuned,


A Neutrals Spread for my Junk Journal in the making…

My muse seemed to require neutral colors for this spread, so….

After doing the background with a painty paper and a copier paper of my own art, I decided to use some fave Ceramcoat tan and brown acrylics.

I then decided to add a brown birdie from my collage stash and the rose paper because of the delightful and similar color.

Next came the new toys I have acquired to embellish the papers. Really tickled with the lace edging and corner cuutter, and it took some practice to get them into my brain. But so worth it. Also used piece of embroidered ribbon as a belly band.

Next I made the inclusions: tags, journaling spots, pretties, etc.

And, here is the finished spread. Find the tutorial on my You Tube channel tomorrow- http://www.youtube.com/c/carolmartineart